100%bang is a strategic design studio working with brand identity, communication and interaction design.

Our approach is holistic and people-centred, it is about you and your core message, to innovate from your customers' perspective and how you want your customers to see you.
We focus on the clients' essence and transform the message into the visual communication. The inside is reflected through the outside, through each element of the whole design. 100%bang creates values through essence-focused design.

Design is a powerful tool to transform opportunities to reality. Design can inspire, vitalise, organise, simplify and differentiate. We aim to deliver results that are seen, felt and remembered, and thus profitable.
  • brand identity for Maranja Yoga

  • roll-ups for Maranja Yoga

  • brand identity for Savo

  • product catalogue for Savo

  • brand identity for Cultura Bank

  • axept bank card for Cultura Bank

  • shopping bag for Bliss Spa

  • brand identity for Norio

  • web design for Norio

  • brand identity for Effecture

  • web design for Effecture