Our approach is holistic and people-centred, it is about you and your core message, to innovate from your customers' perspective and how you want your customers to see you. The clients' essence and the message that it conveys, is the foundation for all we do, whether for a design strategy, brand identity or a business card. We transform the message into the visual communication. The inside is reflected through the outside, through each element of the whole design. 100%bang creates values through essence-focused design.

We engage in understanding our clients' business through observation, research and curiosity, and search new perspectives together with our clients. We develop comprehensive design based on the business' core, culture, values and strategies. Together with the client we create clear objectives for the brand and the project. We fuse our creativity and experience with the client's business strategy to create design that serve the broadest possible range of people.

People-centred design and interaction design is based on user experience. To identify our clients' and their clients' user experiences is integral in the design process, for web, as well as for print.