What I highly appreciated in my collaboration with Cathrine, was her spark and her genuine search to find an expression that was truly my own. We had many creative conversations where I threw out my ideas and Cathrine developed them further with skill and experience. I am particularly pleased with the logo of Maranja Yoga which contains the essence of my work, and literally have blossomed out of a living and fruitful process between us. The business cards are simply ever-beautiful and just as relevant today as when they were printed three years ago. Here Cathrine also showed her "care" for our work, by meeting up at the printers making sure that the result was as we had planned. Meticulous precision in terms of overall impression and the text was also important for me to learn and something I have had good use for later. Cathrine has a passion not only for graphic design, but also for the people she works with, and that gives great results.

Anja Vibelund
Yoga teacher and leader, Maranja Yoga