Why build a brand? Because all products have a life cycle: they are born, mature, and they die. A brand can live forever, if you do it right. People relate to a brand emotionally. A trademark is not necessarily a brand. We decided early in the nineties to make Savo into a brand. A cornerstone of a brand is the brand identity and the totality of this. We got an identity we were proud of, that communicated what we wanted and that we gained recognition for from the surrounding world. We got Merket for God Design (the Award for Design Excellence) for our brand identity in 1999. The person responsible for our brand identity was Cathrine Bang. We have collaborated to develop and redesign the identity of Savo through many years, so that the Savo brand could evolve in tune with time and Savos new strategies.

Ervin Kohn
CEO of Savo for 18 years (1990 -2008)